In Hotel Dos Patios, we are interested in providing a holistic and wellness experience. Through our therapies we aim to harmonize the body and spirit of our guests with a variety of physical techniques. Our therapists can work on nerve endings of the body that releases tension and enhances wellness.

Swedish Massage

The sensitive massage stimulates the nervous system, helping to release the stress and tension on parts of the muscles.

Contact on the pressure points of the body release tension and bring benefits to the psychic wellness.

Precio: $800.00 
*Precio por persona

Relaxing Massage

The relaxing massage allows muscles to release tension.

Precio: $700.00 
*Precio por persona

Hot Stone Massage

This therapy combines a therapeutic massage with the application of stones with different temperatures on the skin to make the vital energy flow easier and to alleviate physical and emotional disorders.


This massage helps reduce and relieve pain with direct action that the stones exercise on energetic points or chakras that are the responsible for transmitting pain to the nervous receptors that allows us to be conscious of ourselves.

Precio: $800.00 
*Precio por persona

Lymphatic Cleaner Massage

This is a soft and light massage that is applied over the circulatory system and which objective it is to eliminate toxins from the body.

Precio: $900.00 
*Precio por persona

Ear Cleansing

A therapy that has been used for over two-thousand years in Indian, Tibetan, Chinease, Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec and Inca cultures, it is also known as thermo-auricular therapy.

This therapy is a 3-4 session duration. The first session extracts the wax plug and in the following sessions after, any leftover residue is cleaned.

This therapy has great benefits on people who suffer sinusitis and helps promote clear hearing.

Precio: $600.00 
*Precio por persona


The objective of this technique is to stimulate circulation to achieve total relaxation and body balance. As a holistic therapy, reflexology considers that this balance is the one which will drive you to prevent and cure any sort of illness.

Precio: $500.00 
*Precio por persona

Exfoliation, Hydration, Wrapping


The body wrap helps heal skin problems, tone and adjust skin texture, and promotes better circulation.

In exfoliation therapy we remove dead cells, cleaning exterior layers of the skin, where toxins are accumulated.

Precio: $1,200.00 
*Precio por persona

Facial Express


The express facial massage includes face cleansing, facial massage, mask, and moisturizing cream.

Precio: $800.00 
*Precio por persona


1 - Paquete de Pareja (Sol y Luna)


Masaje Relajante + Facial Express  + Té Relajante

Precio: $2,000.00 
Duración: 1:45 hrs.
*Precio por persona

2 - Purificación


Masaje de Drenaje Linfático + Exfoliación + Hidratación + Bebida refrescante

Precio: $1,300.00 
Duración: 1:45 hrs.
*Precio por persona

3 - Paquete Amor


Masaje Relajante + Envoltura + Exfoliate + Hidratación + Decoración con pétalos de rosa + Tabla de quesos + copas de vino tino

Precio: $3,500.00 
Duración: 3:00 hrs.
*Precio por persona

4 - Paquete Amor


Masaje Descontracturante + Exfoliate y Envoltura + Bebida desintoxicante

Precio: $1,500.00 
Duración: 2:00 hrs.
*Precio por persona


"Aquello que está destinado a perdurar evoluciona y se transforma"

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